As is widely known in the business aviation community, general aviation aircraft account for 0.6%的美国人.S. 交通碳排放为0.占全球温室气体排放量的2%. The industry’s continually improving record is thanks to an ongoing focus on the development of engines, 减少排放的飞机和操作程序.

While the industry’s record of continuing progress on carbon emissions is laudable, 美国的政策制定者.S. 世界各地都在继续密切关注航空排放,这是全面审查交通运输所有碳排放的一部分. This ongoing scrutiny has been prompted and sustained by repeated calls for limitations or reductions in carbon emissions.

自其形成以来, the European Union (EU) has been considering options for an environmental program applicable to aviation. 欧盟的政策制定者已经确定并正在着手实施一项被称为欧盟排放交易计划(EU- ets)的航空计划。. The ETS would incorporate all flights by eligible aircraft arriving at or departing 从 EU airports in the EU ETS. 在连续三个四个月期间,每一时段飞行次数少于243次的商用飞机航班,或全年总排放量低于10次的商用飞机航班,可获豁免,每年1万公吨.

NBAA认为环境管理是必要的, 但同时也应该寻求合理和平衡的政策,以支持该行业的两个目标:促进商务航空的机动性和增长,同时最大限度地减少其对环境的影响. The association has worked diligently with the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), 国际商务航空理事会(IBAC)和欧洲监管机构帮助制定规则,使其对商务航空尽可能可行, and the modifications European regulators have made to their original ETS proposal reflect the advocacy efforts 从 the industry.