The word safety refers to the management of risk with the goal of eliminating, reducing, and/or mitigating injury and loss as a result of accidents and incidents. NBAA的愿景声明一开始就无条件承诺提高商务航空的安全性. Safety is fundamental to business aviation’s role within the nation’s transportation system. It is also a key expectation of those who we personally transport. Our community must not only be safe, it also must have the perception of safety.


  • 不合格的承诺安全作为一种行为模式和普遍的生活方式由高层管理.
  • Unambiguous expectations by each level of management as well as each peer group that, 针对所有员工, 安全的生活模式和工作习惯就像呼吸一样正常,必须在工作时和工作时都要练习.
  • Availability of quality, standardized equipment with which to accomplish the assigned tasks.
  • Clear, easily understood operating procedures, followed without deviation.
  • Inclusive system of communications for collecting, analyzing, and exchanging incident data related to safety.
  • Non-retribution for submission of incident data.
  • Retraining without penalty or stigma when safety is involved.
  • System for tracking incident and accident data, analysis of trends, and feedback of results.
  • Peer acceptance that accidents are preventable, regardless of operations.
  • Peer acceptance that safety is a matter of lifestyle – a matter of culture.

In order to assist the membership in developing or refining a formal safety program, the nba安全委员会 has compiled this Prototypical Business Aviation Safety Manual. 这个项目的动机是确保NBAA成员公司在他们的组织内部有解决风险的方法. NBAA安全委员会已经确定了飞行和地面安全计划,这对于降低任何商务航空组织的风险都是必要的. These programs are prototypes only and should not be construed as recommended policy. Each organization should tailor their own safety program to its own specific needs.

Follow the links below to download a specific program element.